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Endeavor College | Mawson Lakes SA

Located at Mawson Lakes, Endeavour College is a progressive Christian school that offers students more than just an education, we offer them real world skills training that makes them workforce ready whilst leaving lasting and treasure worthy memories.

With over six hundred students we are a Christian education school that welcomes all people regardless of background, religion, gender or ability and we give every individual the tools, confidence and self value that they need to thrive with a Christian life for decades to come.

Our school has state of the art facilities, small class sizes and pedagogically designed classrooms, learning spaces and social areas where students become engaged and excel in every facet of their school experience.

With a deep understanding of our students’ needs, our teachers and staff are devoted and highly skilled in offering students the best education possible, whilst retaining their creative spirit and fortifying their relationship with God.


85 Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095


Adelaide Northern Suburbs



Endeavour College

Year Levels

7 - 12 Secondary School





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Endeavour College School Fees

The fees listed below have been sourced from Endeavour College in 2019. Additional costs such as school levy’s, and technology may apply. For more information contact the school directly by submitting a enquiry below. To determine the weekly or fortnightly cost visit our Private school calculator here

  • Year 7 $5,840

  • Year 8 $8,180

  • Year 9 $8,580

  • Year 10 $9,080

  • Year 11 $9,080

  • Year 12 $9,080

Enrolments Available

Year 7 for 2020

Year 7-12 for 2021

Year 7-12 for 2022


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