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Saint Spyridon College in Unley Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

School NewsMark Lovatt

This year marks 15 years since Saint Spyridon College - a small, close knit school nestled in the heart of Unley - first opened its doors. Established in 2004, the strong, independent school has invested in high-quality education, combining small class sizes with energetic and innovative teachers to allow students to strive for their best.

Saint Spyridon College is limited to 100 students for each school year and no more than 15 students per class. Staff place emphasis on well-being, mindfulness and reflection, which ensures small class sizes with higher engagement from all students and allows every child to engage with their learning. In addition, Student Voice and Agency is integral to the school, which allows children to learn through activities that are meaningful and relevant to them as learners, driven by their interests, and self-initiated with appropriate guidance from teachers. The opportunity to speak publicly and develop these skills is introduced as early as Reception.

Founded on the values of the Greek Orthodox Church, the school is gently guided by its namesake, Saint Spyridon Parish, Unley. While based on Greek Orthodox Christian values, children from all faiths and backgrounds are welcomed at the school.

To encourage this growth and diversity, on 29 July, the college welcomed 17 students and three teachers from Beijing and surrounding provinces in China for the first of three study tours.

“Our community hosted Chinese students from the ages of 5 - 12 years in their first trip to Australia. The students and their families chose Saint Spyridon College for our authentic learning of STEM, interactive language lessons and small class sizes,” Principal Corones said.

“As a small college, we are excited about opening our doors to our international friends and anticipate great cultural awareness and a growing understanding of how childhood and education differ across the world,” Principal Corones continued.

Saint Spyridon’s strong community focus ensures that each new family is welcomed into the community and has an opportunity to have their voice heard. The college is very active in the Unley community including participating in the Unley Greek Festival and multicultural events held with the Sturt Football Club. Giving back to the community is instilled in the students through relationships with Aged Care residents, reading to local Kindergarten and ELC children, sharing the college environment with local children, and holding fundraisers that contribute to the less fortunate. The school also holds a range of events throughout the year to celebrate the important people in students’ lives, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day.

“We aren’t a school that focuses solely on academic education for our students. Our Vision is that Saint Spyridon College graduates will be well-rounded, competent individuals, that give back to their community and have the confidence and wisdom to embark on new challenges, achieve personal goals and be pro-active, responsible members of society,” Principal Corones concluded.

Saint Spyridon College holds Taekwondo lessons for students with teacher and silver medallion winner Petros Karavasilis and Acquaintance nights for parents to engage with the teachers and their children’s learning. The College also embraces the use of technology in communicating with parents, with apps that help parents track their child’s progress and interact with the child’s class, with another app that informs parents about school updates.

Saint Spyridon will be celebrating their fifteenth anniversary on 1 November, with a school concert and dinner for families.

For more information about Saint Spyridon, head to their website